Political Science in Joint Bachelor of Arts

The Joint Bachelor degree (B.A. in Political Science and a second subject) is a cross-disciplinary degree program. It should provide access to a M.A. program in both subjects at Technische Universität Darmstadt. Currently, Political Science can be combined with the following subjects: Anglistics, German philology, History, Philosophy, Sociology, Economy, Computer Science. Other subjects are to be added in the 2013/14 reform of the degree program.

Combination of two subjects ensures a broad and miscellaneous basic education, where specialisation in one discipline is ultimately achieved in the respective M.A. program. Otherwise, this structure provides great flexibility by giving students time to pick their favourite subject after the first degree is yet achieved.

Within the subject of Political Science, comprehensive knowledge about political institutions, processes and forms of governance are mediated which are linked to different levels within and beyond the national state. The program provides basic education in the different subdisciplines. Students should develop their theoretical and analytical skills as well as competence for empirical research. They are instructed to interconnect empirical research and theories from social science.

Graduates acquire a diploma which provides access for a M.A. program in Political Science or related subject. Successful accomplishment of the program provides access to diverse employment in politics, the media, administration, economy, international organisations, associations and institutions which provide education and research.

More detailed information about the combination of subjects and the overall degress program can be found Öffnet externen Link in neuem Fensterhere.


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