Master of Arts "International Studies/Peace and Conflict Research"

The research-based Masters programme "International Studies/Peace and Conflict Research", which follows on from the Bachelor, is offered jointly by the Opens external link in new windowJohann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt and the Technische Universität Darmstadt, in cooperation with the Opens external link in new windowPeace Research Institute Frankfurt (PRIF). Building upon a general social-scientific foundation, the programme offers theoretical and normative principles at the interface between peace and conflict research, international relations, political theory and philosophy and applies them to problems in the regional and global order. Objectives The students are introduced to theoretically-guided and normatively-founded perspectives in national, transnational and global socialisation processes and gain skills for the differentiated analysis of conflicts within and between states and for the reflective development of conflict settlement and peace-building. To do this, students undertake a research practical, in which they perform their own research. This allows them to practise their theoretical and methodical skills in the analysis of concrete examples.

The programme is structured across disciplines. It centres around political science, and especially international relations (IR). As well as political science and its various branches, the Masters programme also includes sociology, philosophy and elective modules in law and economics, engineering and natural sciences. These subjects are not minor subjects in the conventional sense, but are integrated into the Masters programme via particular questions and topics. This promotes intensive interaction not just with, but also between various theoretical, methodological and practical approaches. In addition to qualifications in the subject, the programme is intended to promote the students? key skills. In order to develop the ability to work well in a team, the students work independently in groups on content and present it together in seminars. Presentation skills are taught using various teaching methods such as staging discussion panels and simulating negotiations. Due to the international focus of the programme, teaching regularly takes place in English. In addition, it is also possible to spend a semester abroad at a partner university.

Detailed inormation about the degree program ca be found on the Opens external link in new windowwebsite of Frankfurt University.


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