Research Grants

  • “Democratic Legitimacy in Multilevel Governance of EU Regional Policy” (1997-2001; German Research Foundation)
  • “National Parliaments in the EU” (2001- 2003; German Research Foundation)
  • “Regional Competition and Regional Governance in Rural Development” (2005-2007; Federal Ministry for Consumer Protection, Food and Agriculture)
  • "Modernisation in Nature Preserve Administration” (2005-2007; Federal Agency for Nature Preserve)
  • “Accountability in Multilevel Governance” (with Yannis Papadopoulos); Workpackage in Research Group 2 of CONNEX-Network of Excellence, University of Mannheim (2004-2006; European Community)
  • "The Politics of Constitutional Change" (2008-2011; German Research Foundation)
  • "City-networks, City-competition, and Policy Learning" (2011-2013; German Research Foundation)
  • "Varieties and Dynanics of Joint Decision-Making" (2011-2013; Fritz Thyssen-Foundation)
  • "Translocal action and local innovation in climate policy" (2015-2018; German Research Foundation, with M Knodt)
  • "Linking National and International Administrations - Structures and Coordination" (2014-2017; German Research Foundation)
  • "Linking National and International Administrations - the Impact of Multilevel Coordination" (2017-2020; German Research Foundation)
  • Federal Democracy (2018-2019; VolkswagenStiftung)

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