Counselling and Transfer

  • 1990: (with Fritz W. Scharpf) Report to the Governments of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein on Cooperation between Länder governments
  • 1993: (with Klaus König) Report to the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation on Joint Territorial Planning in the Berlin Region
  • March 2001: Report to the European Affairs Committee of the German Bundestag on the Constitutionalisation of the EU
  • 2002-2003: Member of an Advisory Committee on the European Constitution, Government of North Rhine-Westphalia
  • 2003-2004: Member of the Commission of the Bundestag and the Bundesrat on the Modernisation of German Federalism
  • 2014: “Challenges of a Federal Europe” Report to the Committee on Political Affairs and Democracy of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, January 2014.

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