We teach comparative public policy, comparative politics, and governance at various levels of analysis. We focus on topics from the fields of energy, climate, environment, and housing. We also teach courses in methods of empirical political science research. Our teaching is research-driven and gives students the opportunity to acquire sound knowledge as well as the methodological and theoretical tools of political analysis.


If you look for a supervisor for your thesis, please contact us well in advance. Your project should generally fit with the research group's interests.

How to write course papers and exams?

Please consult the institute’s guidelines for written exams and avoidance of plagiarism.

Letters of recommendation

If you need a letter of recommendation, please contact us well in advance.


Prof. Dr. Kai Schulze

Heike Böhler

Past Courses

Prof. Dr. Kai Schulze

Heike Böhler

  • Summer Term 2017: Seminar "Policy II - Energiepolitik", Tuesday 09:50-11:30

Jonas Schönefeld


Modelle der Wohnungs- und Energiepolitik 

Technische Universität Darmstadt
FB2, Institut für Politikwissenschaft

Landwehrstraße 48a-50
D-64293 Darmstadt

Dolivostraße 15
D-64293 Darmstadt

Prof. Dr. Kai Schulze
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Tel.: +49 6151 16-57340
Fax: +49 6151 16-57472
Gebäude S4|22, Raum 209

Nicole Ungermann
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Tel.: +49 6151 16-57354
Gebäude S4|23, Raum 206



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