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Since October 2016 Markus Lederer has held the Chair “International Relations” at the Technische Universität Darmstadt where he had already been affiliated from 2011 to 2013. Prior to this he was Professor for International Governance at the University of Münster and Research Fellow at University Potsdam. Also, he served as Visiting Fellow at the London School of Economics (LSE) between February to July 2016, and was Substitute Professor at the University Bremen, Guest Professor at the Universidad de Costa Rica. Additionally, he held different lectureships at LMU München, University Erfurt and FU Berlin.

Markus Lederer received his Magister degree in Political Science, International Law and Comperatistics at Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich where he also obtained his PHD on the regulation of the European capital market. Markus Lederer has been involved in different consulting engagements for German development cooperation projects in Indonesia, Mali, Yemen and Afghanistan.

Responsibility in GreeTS

In GreeTS, Markus will be responsible for Work Package 4 (multilevel interactions) and will contribute to Work Package 2 on land-use.

Selected Publications

Monographs, anthologies, special editions

and Linda Wallbott (2018): The Politics of Green Economies in the Global South. Guest editor for a special edition of Journal of Environment and Development.

and Andrea Schapper (2014): Climate Change and Human Rights. Guest editor for a special edition of Cambridge Review of International Affairs.

(2010): Klimapolitik nach Kopenhagen. Gastherausgeber für Welttrends 18/73.

and Philipp Müller (Ed.) (2005): Criticizing Global Governance. New York, Palgrave.

(2005): Finanzmarktregulierung. Gastherausgeber für Welttrends 13/46.

(2003): Exchange and Regulation in European Capital Markets. Münster, Lit-Verlag.

Journal articles

Wallbott, L., G. Siciliano and M. Lederer. 2019. Beyond PES and REDD+: Costa
Rica on the way to climate-smart landscape management?. Ecology and Society 24
(1):24. [online] URL:

Urban, F./ Siciliano, G./ Wallbott, L./ Lederer, M./ Anh, Dang Nguyen (online first) Green transformations in Vietnam's energy sector, in: Asia & the Pacific Policy Studies.

and Wallbott, L./ Bauer, S. (2018) Tracing Sustainability Transformations and Drivers of Green Economy Approaches in the Global South, in: Journal of Environment and Development 27(1): 3-25.

and Linda Wallbott (2017): Von Konzepten zu empirischen Beobachtungen: Staat, Gesellschaft und grüne Transformationen im globalen Süden. Ökologisches Wirtschaften, 2/32, pp. 34-39.

(2012): Market making via regulation: The role of the state in carbon markets. Regulation & Governance, 6, pp. 524-544.

(2012): The Practice of Carbon Markets. Environmental Politics, 21/4, pp. 640-656.

(2012): REDD+ Governance. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change, 3/1, pp. 107-113.

(2011): From CDM to REDD – what do we know for setting up effective and legitimate carbon governance? Ecological Economics, 70, pp. 1900-1907.

(2010): Evaluating Carbon Governance: The Clean Development Mechanism from an emerging economy perspective. The Journal of Energy Markets, 3/2, pp. 1-24.

and Harald Fuhr (2009): Varieties of Carbon Governance in Newly Industrializing Countries. The Journal of Environment and Development, 18/4, pp. 327-345.

and Doris Fuchs (2007): The Power of Business, Business and Politics, 9/ 3, Article 1. (Doris Fuchs is the main author).

Articles in edited volumes

(2015): Global Governance and Climate Change. In: Karin Bäckstrand and Eva Lövbrand (eds.): Edward Elgar Research Handbook of Climate Governance. Cheltenham, Edward Elgar, pp. 3-13.

(2015): Internationale Umweltpolitik. In: Carlo Masala und Frank Sauer (Hrsg.): Handbuch Internationale Beziehungen. Wiesbaden, SpringerVS, pp. 1095-1117.

(2014): The Politics of Carbon Markets in the Global South. In: Richard Lane and Benjamin Stephan (eds.): The Politics of Carbon Markets. Abingdon, Earthscan/ Routledge, pp. 133-149.

(2013): Die Macht des Südens in der internationalen Klimapolitik. In: Andreas Nölke, Christian May und Simone Claar (Hrsg.): (Wieder-) Aufstieg des Globalen Südens. Baden-Baden, Nomos, pp. 303-318.

(2013): The Future of Carbon Markets: Clean Trading, the Clean Development Mechanism and beyond. In: Urban Frauke and Johan Nordensvärd (eds.): Low Carbon Development: Key Issues. Abingdon, Earthscan/Routledge, pp. 94-106.

(2013): Wachablösung? Die deutsche Energiewende und die Führungsrolle der EU in der internationalen Klima- und Energiepolitik. Zeitschrift für Deutschlandstudien 2 (Hrsg. v. Tongji Universität Shanghai), pp. 15-34. (in Mandarin)

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and Harald Fuhr (2008): Emerging Modes of Governance and Climate Protection: The Role of Green Companies in Newly Industrializing Countries. In: Dhirendra K. Vajpeyi and Renu Khator (Eds.): Globalization, Governance, and Technology. Challenges and Alternatives. New Dehli, Deep & Deep Publications, pp. 97-120.

Working papers and expert reports for development agencies

and Harald Fuhr, Frederik Eisinger, Anna Siemons, Jana Schwenzien (2012): Governing REDD+ - a multilevel challenge. What do we know? What can be done? Studie für das Internationale Waldprogramm der GIZ.

and Gudrun Benecke, Miriam Schröder, Lars Friberg (2008): From Public Private Partnership to market: the CDM as a new mode of governance in climate protection. SFB Working Paper 10. Berlin, SFB 700.

und Harald Fuhr, Philipp Krause, Heike Scherff (2005): Handreichung zur Wirkungsorientierung bei Schwerpunktstrategiepapieren und EZ-Vorhaben im Handlungsfeld Dezentralisierung / Kommunalentwicklung für das Sektorvorhaben "Förderung der Kommunalentwicklung" der GTZ im Auftrag des BMZ, Potsdam: Universität Potsdam / Lehrstuhl Internationale Politik.

(2005): Fallstudie "Programme d'Appui aux Collectivités Territoriales (PACT), Mali". Studie im Rahmen der Handreichung zur Wirkungsorientierung bei Schwerpunktstrategiepapieren und EZ-Vorhaben im Handlungsfeld Dezentralisierung / Kommunalentwicklung für das Sektorvorhaben "Förderung der Kommunalentwicklung" der GTZ im Auftrag des BMZ, Potsdam: Universität Potsdam / Lehrstuhl Internationale Politik.

(2005): “The European Union – its treaties, institutions, and decision-making processes” Policy Brief ASEAN-ReFOP. Jakarta, The ASEAN Secretariat.


Green Transformations in the Global South

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