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Dr. des. Linda Wallbott joined the Research Group International Relations in January 2017. Prior to this she was Research Fellow at University of Münster (2014-16) and at the trans-university Cluster of Excellence "Formation of Normative Orders" at Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University Frankfurt/Technische Universität Darmstadt (2008-13). She was visiting researcher at the Tropical Agricultural Research & Higher Education Center (CATIE) of Costa Rica (2017), Newcastle University, UK (2014), the Fridjof Nansen Institute, Norway (2013) and the Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies (2010).

Linda gained her PhD in Political Science from University of Tübingen in 2018 with a dissertation on human rights and international climate negotiations. She studied Political Science in Darmstadt, Germany, and Karlstad, Sweden (2002-8) and worked as a student research assistant for a research project on "The Role of Business in Global Governance: Corporations as Norm-Entrepreneurs" (2005-8), and as an intern at the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt on the role of business in zones of conflict (2005). She gained further work experience as an intern in Deutsche Telekom´s unit "Corporate Sustainability & Citizenship" (2007-8), Amnesty International and as volunteer for UNDP Brazil.

Responsibility in GreeTS

In GreeTS Linda works particularly on Work Package 4 (interactions between the global, national and local levels), contributes to Work Package 2 (land-use), and co-organizes and conducts fieldwork in Vietnam and Costa Rica. Also, Linda is the general contact person of the project and manages the GreeTS Working Paper Series.

Selected Publications

Wallbott, L., G. Siciliano and M. Lederer. 2019. Beyond PES and REDD+: Costa
Rica on the way to climate-smart landscape management?. Ecology and Society 24
(1):24. [online] URL:

Wallbott, Linda/ Florian-Rivero, Elena M. (i,E.): Forests, rights and development in Costa Rica: a Political Ecology perspective on indigenous peoples’ engagement in REDD+, in: Conflict, Security & Development.

Urban, F./ Siciliano, G./ Wallbott, L./ Lederer, M./ Anh, Dang Nguyen (online first) Green transformations in Vietnam's energy sector, in: Asia & the Pacific Policy Studies.

Wallbott, L., 'Zwischen Anspruch und Wirklichkeit. Vietnams steiniger Weg zu einer grünen Transformation'. Südostasien 4/2017, 14-15.

Wallbott, L., 'Rights, Representation and Recognition: Practicing Advocacy for Women and Indigenous Peoples in UN Climate Negotiations'. In Duyck, Sébastien, Sébastien Jodoin and Alyssa Johl (eds), The Routledge Handbook of Human Rights and Climate Governance. London/New York: Routledge, 2018, 58-71.

Lederer, M./ Wallbott, L./ Bauer, S. (2018) Tracing Sustainability Transformations and Drivers of Green Economy Approaches in the Global South, in: Journal of Environment and Development 27(1): 3-25.

Wallbott, L./ Rosendal, G.K. (2018) Safeguards, standards and the science-policy interfaces of REDD+: Greening land use through forest-based mitigation in Costa Rica?, in: Journal of Environment and Development 27(1): 99-125.

Wallbott, L./ Kreuter, J. (2017) Energy Transitions Revisited: The Material and Socio-Political Dimensions of Renewable Energy Technologies, Resources and Conflict Blog, German Association for Peace and Conflict Studies.

Wallbott, L./ Lederer, M. (2017) Von Konzepten zu empirischen Beobachtungen: Staat, Gesellschaft und grüne Transformationen im globalen Süden, in: Ökologisches Wirtschaften, 02/32: 34-39.

** Wallbott, L./ Schapper, A. (2017) Negotiating by own standards? The use and validity of human rights norms in UN climate negotiations, in: International Environmental Agreements 17(2): 209-228.

Wallbott, L./ Schapper A. (2016) Climate Justice Practices in the Anthropocene: Assessing strategies of human rights and gender advocacy networks in the UNFCC, in: Richard, M./ Goodrich, K./ Harron, C. Maharamli, B./ Nizkorodov, E. (eds): The Social Ecology of the Anthropocene: Continuity and Change in Global Environmental Politics. Singapore, World Scientific Publishers: 367-391.

Wallbott, L. (2016) The practices of lobbying for rights in the Anthropocene era: local communities, indigenous peoples and international climate negotiations, in: Pattberg, P./ Zelli, F. (Eds.): Environmental Politics and Governance in the Anthropocene. Institutions and Legitimacy in a Complex World. New York, Routledge: 213-230.

Wallbott, L./ Wolff, F./ Poźarowska, J. (2014) The negotiations of the Nagoya Protocol: Issues, coalitions and process, in: Oberthür, S./ Rosendal, K. (Eds.): Global Governance of Genetic Resources. Access and Benefit Sharing after the Nagoya Protocol. New York, Routledge: 33-59.

Wallbott, L. (2014) Goals, strategies and success of the African Group in the negotiations of the Nagoya Protocol, in: Oberthür, S./ Rosendal, K. (Eds.): Global Governance of Genetic Resources. Access and Benefit Sharing after the Nagoya Protocol. New York, Routledge: 114-131.

** Wallbott, L. (2014) Keeping discourses separate: explaining the non-alignment of climate politics and human rights norms by small island states in UN climate negotiations, in: Cambridge Review of International Affairs 27(4): 736-760.

** Wallbott, L. (2014) Indigenous Peoples in UN REDD+ Negotiations: “Importing power“ and Lobbying for Rights through Discursive Interplay Management, in: Ecology & Society 19(1): 21.

* Zimmermann, L./ von Staden, A./ Marciniak, A./ Wallbott, L./ Arndt, F. (2013) Muss Ordnung sein? Zum Umgang mit Konflikten zwischen normativen Ordnungen, in: Zeitschrift für Internationale Beziehungen 20(1): 35-60.

** Deitelhoff, N./ Wallbott, L. (2012) Beyond soft balancing. Small states and coalition-building in the ICC and climate negotiations, in: Cambridge Review of International Affairs 25(3): 345-366.

* Wallbott, L. (2012) Political in Nature: The Conflict-fuelling Character of International Climate Policies, in: Scheffran, J./ Brzoska, M./ Brauch, H.G./ Link, P.M./ Schilling, J. (Eds.): Climate Change, Human Security and Violent Conflict. Challenges for Societal Stability. Hexagon Series on Human and Environmental Security and Peace, vol. 8. Berlin, Heidelberg, New York, Springer: 223-241.


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