EEEG: Conferences

Project Workshop 22nd to 23rd June 2012, Berlin.

At the second project workshop, our first findings were discussed together with our research foci for the next project phase. Among others, these will include:

  • Network analysis of actors involved in the energy dialogues between the European Union and China, India, Brazil and South Africa
  • Investigate coordination of EU and its member states (UK, Germany, Denmark, Spain) in energy cooperation
  • Research of emerging powers role in international energy governance
  • Analyze relationship of IRENA / IEA / IEF , in terms of knowledge production and the roles of emerging powers
  • Explore trade and energy relationship on multilateral level as well as energy-climate nexus
  • Conduct research on emerging powers and South-South Cooperation

International Governance for Renewable Energy and the Role of Emerging Powers, German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP), June 21st 2012, Berlin.

This public conference was jointly organized by the German Institute for International and Security Studies (SWP) and TU Darmstadt with co-funding by the European Community Studies Association (ECSA). Participants from international organizations, the European Commission, national governments, Embassies, transnational companies, researchers and practitioners discussed emerging powers’ role in international governance for renewable energy.

The program started with the presentation of ‘a vision for a global energy transition’ (Carsten Hoyer-Klick, Institute of Technical Thermodynamics, German Aerospace Center). A summary of international energy challenges and possible solutions was given by making a strong case for renewables and international cooperation and learning. Following this, our project partners (Zha Daojiong, Peking University, China; Deepti Mahajan, TERI, India; Roberto Schaeffer, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Judy Smith-Hoehn, SAIIA, South Africa) introduced current orientations in ‘Emerging Powers’ Renewable Energy Governance’. This included a presentation of the status quo of renewable energy promotion in their respective country and a short overview of the engagement of these countries in international renewable energy governance. The last section of the conference dealt with the role of IRENA (Francisco Boshell, IRENA) in the international renewable energy governance architecture (Sybille Röhrkasten, SWP). The last question to be answered was how to engage emerging powers in international cooperation on renewable energy which was both answered by a practitioner (Marion Wilde, European Commission) as well as an academic (Thijs Van de Graaf, Ghent Institute of International Studies).

Download Presentations of the Conference

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Kick-Off Workshop of the research project Challenges of European External Energy Governance: Meeting Tiger, Dragon, Lion and Jaguar. July 17th – 18 th 2011, Darmstadt.

Our project kick-off workshop took place in Darmstadt. It was the first time that the whole team met and refined the research questions, discussed its future research design, and received some input from a member of the European Commission’s DG Energy.

The research project tends to describe the influnce on the dependent variable „EU-Emerging Powers External Energy Relations – Interactive and Normative Arena“. As independent variables the researches have identified the EU-bilateral & supranational interests, identity and perceptions of emerging powers; Emerging Powers’ interests, identity and perceptions of EU; Private Actors’ interests and multilateral and regional embeddedness.

The research design was introduced by Prof. Dr. Michèle Knodt.

Find out more about the research design here (wird in neuem Tab geöffnet)!