Main Research Area: European Union

The research focus "European Union" is dedicated to the analysis of governance in the European multi-level system in different dimensions and policy fields. It focuses on questions of the coordination of political processes between the European and national levels, the integration of the local level into the multi-level system, multi-level administration, mediation of interests and soft forms of governance. In addition, different policy fields such as energy and climate policy, external democracy promotion by the EU and neighbourhood policy are examined. Future research will focus on political governance through monitoring, soft governance with hard elements in energy policy and the international integration of the EU, especially in the field of administrative research.

Ongoing Projects

Name Topic Funding Coordinator
Analysis of the perception of the EU and EU's policies abroad Governance in the EU EU EEAS Prof. Knodt
Communicating the EU to Europe at times of Covid-19 crisis EU, Perceptions no external funding Prof. Knodt
Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence: EU expertise at School Governance of the European Multi-Level System, Energy Transformation EU/Erasmus+ Prof. Knodt
Kopernikus Phase II: Ariadne Energy Transformation BMBF Prof. Knodt
Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence: EU in global Dialogue (CEDI) EU foreign policy EU/Erasmus+ Prof. Knodt
Cost Action: EU Foreign Policy Facing New Realities EU foreign policy COST Prof. Knodt
Housing policies in the EU Policy Analysis BBSR/IWU apl. Prof. Egner / Prof. Schulze
HEUREC – How Europeans understand fairness, reciprocity and cohesion Discourse Analysis BMBF Prof. Steffek / apl. Prof. Egner
Name Topic Funding Coordinator
Jean Monnet Network on EU-Canada Relations EU Foreign Policy EU/Erasmus+ Prof. Knodt / Arthur Benz (Team Member)
Kopernikus Phase I: Enavi Energy transformation BMBF Prof. Knodt
Near EU EU education policy EU/Erasmus+ Prof. Knodt
Governance der Europäischen Energieunion EU energy policy BMBF / acatech / Leopolding /
Prof. Knodt
Crisis, Conflict and Critical Diplomacy (C3EU) EU foreign policy, Perceptions EU/Erasmus+ Prof. Knodt
Challenges of European External Energy Governance EU external energy policy VolkswagenStiftung / Compagnia di San Paolo / Riksbankens Jubiläumsfonds Prof. Knodt
Civil Society of the Eastern Partnership in Dialogue EU external democracy promotion Auswärtiges Amt Prof. Knodt
External Images of the EU (EXIE) EU foreign policy, Perceptions EU/Erasmus+ Prof. Knodt
Regieren im erweiterten Mehrebenensystem Impact of the international framework on EU governance DFG Schwerpunktprogramm Prof. Knodt