KRITIS Conference „Critical Infrastructure Interdependencies: : A ‘System of Systems’ Approach“



The first conference of the third cohort of the Research Training Group KRITIS of the Technical University of Darmstadt took place on the topic: Critical Infrastructure Interdependencies: A 'System of Systems' Approach. We had exciting talks and keynotes from different disciplines, which emphasises the interdisciplinary character of our graduate school and the conference. This includes contributions from the fields of civil engineering, modern history, early modern history, law, urban planning and also from the German Aerospace Centre and the Romanian Space Agency. We are also looking forward to three exciting keynotes by Dr Shaun Smith (Utrecht University) on Crisis, Coordination, and Autonomy: Cape Town's Infrastructure Dilemma, Dr David Bristow (University of Victoria) on System of Systems Thinking for Multi-Infrastructure Interdependency

Analysis in Natural Disaster Riskand Jonas Haack-Stappel (German Federan Network Agency) on Regulatory Framework for the KRITIS Sector Energy. You can find more information on our programme here: