Clean Circles Team, Knodt, Niemann, Plank und Muntschick organised Panel on „The Dynamics of Europe´s Approach to Hydrogen“ at the UACES (University Association for Contemporary European Studies) Conference at Lille


Together with other experts on EU energy and climate policy, we discussed „The Dynamics of Europe´s Approach to Hydrogen“ organized by the Clean Circles political science members.

The EU and its member states have placed their bet on hydrogen to play a key role in decarbonising sectors where other alternative energy sources seem less feasible regarding the fight against climate change. State and private actors in Europe have engaged in various efforts to develop the infrastructure, technology, and political setting for hydrogen as alternative energy source, but research has embarked on the topic only recently. Notably, key aspects of Europe´s approach to hydrogen have still hot been investigated and analysed in detail. We assume, more specifically, that the actors, dynamics, and external relations of hydrogen initiatives in Europe are of substantial relevance in this regard. This panel seeks to bring together scholars who work on the topic of hydrogen in the abovementioned context. It aims to encourage research on the debates and dynamics of Europe´s approach to hydrogen by focusing on external dimensions such as energy alliances with other states and regions, debates and discursive practices in Europe and European countries, as well as governance and regulations of hydrogen initiatives in Europe and beyond.