At the Chair of Transnational Governance we study the emergencee, functioning and legitimation of political authority beyond the nation-state. Our conception of governance is rather broad and includes activities of both public and private institutions.

The chair for Transnational Governance was established in 2010 with funding from the German “Excellence Initiative” and forms part of the Cluster of Excellence “Formation of Normative Orders”. The field of Transnational Governance not only includes the international activities of states and intergovernmental organizations but also those of non-state actors, such as transnational corporations and NGOs. Much of our empirical analysis is systematically related to normative issues in international political theory, in particular democratic theory. We also have a keen interest in the disciplinary history of international relations and the history of international thought more broadly.

Members of our research group regularly teach seminars on international organizations, transnational civil society, North-South relations and questions of development. In addition, we cover issues from the field of international political theory and theories of international relations. These topics are particularly prominent in our MA programme in “International Studies” that is organized in cooperation with Goethe-University Frankfurt and the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (PRIF).