Kateryna Zarembo
Picture: IfP

Dr. Kateryna Zarembo

Research Associate


Dr Kateryna Zarembo is a social sciences scholar, worked at the TU Darmsadt til march 2023 as a visiting research fellow. Her research interests are international relations and civil society, with a focus on Ukraine. At TU Darmstadt she was engaged in the emergenCITY project, studying the city and society responses to the Russian war in Ukraine under the supervision of Prof. Michele Knodt.

Throughout her career Dr Zarembo has combined two hats of an academic researcher and a policy analyst. She has been an associate fellow at the New Europe Center (Kyiv, Ukraine) since 2019. Since 2020 she has been teaching at the international relations department of the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (Ukraine).

Dr Kateryna Zarembo authored and coauthored dozens of policy papers and academic articles. Her research appeared in the European Security, Problems of Post-Communism, ibidem Verlag and Kyiv-Mohyla Law and Politics Journal.

Dr Zarembo got her PhD at the National Institute for Stra-tegic Studies (Kyiv, Ukraine). She got her MA in European Studies from the University College Dublin (Ireland) and MA in English and Italian languages and literature from the National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv (Ukraine).

  • International relations
  • Civil society
  • Europeanisation
  • Ukraine
05/2022 – 03/2024 Research fellow at the LOEWE Centre emergenCITY at TU Darmstadt
Since 2020 Senior lecturer at the International Relations Department, National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (Ukraine)
Since 2019 Associate fellow at the New Europe Center (Ukraine),
2017 – 2019 Deputy Director for Research at the New Europe Center (Ukraine)
2010 – 2017 Deputy Director for Research at the Institute of World Policy (Ukraine),
Visiting researcher at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena (Germany)

By appointment, via email.


Nadiia Koval, Volodymyr Kulyk, Mykola Riabchuk, Kateryna Zarembo & Marianna Fakhurdinova (2022) Morphological Analysis of Narratives of the Russian-Ukrainian Conflict in Western Academia and Think-Tank Community, Problems of Post- Communism, DOI: 10.1080/10758216.2021.2009348

Zarembo K. (2019), Book review. Hiroaki Kuromia. Zrozymity Donbas [Understanding Donbas]. Dukh I Litera, 2015. 124 pp. East/West Journal of Ukrainian Studies at the University of Alberta (Canada). Vol. 6, No 1 p. 179-180. https://www.ewjus.com/index.php/ewjus/article/view/482/pdf

Zarembo K. (2018) Doing State’s Job: The Impact of Volunteers on State Defense Capacity in post-Euromaidan Ukraine. In: Shapovalova N., Burlyuk O. (eds) Civil Society in post-Euromaidan Ukraine: From Revolution to Consolidation. Stuttgart: Ibidem Verlag. P. 101-128.

Burlyuk O., Shapovalova N., Zarembo K. (eds.)(2017) Special Issue “Civil Society in post-Euromaidan Ukraine”. Kyiv Mohyla Law and Politics Journal, Issue 3. http://kmlpj.ukma.edu.ua/issue/view/7148/showToc

Burlyuk O., Shapovalova N., Zarembo K. (2017) “Introduction to the Special Issue. Civil Society in Ukraine: Building on Euromaidan Legacy”. Kyiv Mohyla Law and Politics Journal, Issue 3. http://kmlpj.ukma.edu.ua/article/view/119977/115062

Zarembo K. (2017) Substituting for the state: the role of volunteers in defence reform in post-Euromaidan Ukraine. In: Burlyuk O., Shapovalova N., Zarembo K. (eds.) Special Issue “Civil Society in Post-Euromaidan Ukraine”. Kyiv Mohyla Law and Politics Journal. 3 (2017), 47-70, DOI: https://doi.org/10.18523/kmlpj119985.2017-3.47-70

Zarembo K. (2017). Perceptions of CSDP Effectiveness in Ukraine: A Host State Perspective. European Security, http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/09662839.2017.1291502

Zarembo K. (2015) The EU as a security actor: when postmodernity fails (the case of Russia-Ukraine war). Polityka i Społeczeństwo, 4 (13), 104-114, DOI 10.15584/polispol.2015.4.7