Virtual Academy „German and Ukrainian Studies in a Global Perspective: Cutting Edge Ideas and Challenges”

The project’s goal is to support the Ukrainian academic staff students with top-notch courses, grades and ECTS, and, in essence, fulfil the academic mobility even for those students who are not entitled to leave the country (e.g. young males aged 18+). The TU Darmstadt’s project partner in Ukraine is the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.

The Virtual Academy will consist of ten courses, taught online on a suitable platform by a German and Ukrainian lecturer each.

The project aims at supporting the Ukrainian students who have been affected by the Russian full-scale invasion, offering them flexible (i.e. virtual) participation and credits which they can use to complete their studies, interrupted by the war.

In addition, it aims at bridging the Ukrainian and German academia, with the courses co-convened by the Ukrainian and German lecturers. Thus, the courses are expected to generate cross-cultural exchange and bring Eastern European academic voices to the teaching and research fore.

Last but not least, a small stipend the students would receive would also support them as a non-residential scholarship scheme.

The expected result is successful completion of the Academy by 30 to 50 Ukrainian students, both inside and outside Ukraine. It is important the students can take part in it regardless of their current place of residence (i.e. residence on the territory which is temporarily occupied by Russia, being displaced in Ukraine, being displaced abroad, etc).

Funding institution: HMWK (Brückenprogramm)

Funding period: 11.11.2022 – 31.12.20243

Funding budget: € 57.000

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Prof. Dr. Michèle Knodt
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Vergleichende Analyse politischer Systeme und Integrationsforschung
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Dr. Kateryna Zarembo
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Vergleichende Analyse politischer Systeme und Integrationsforschung
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