Main Research Area: Transformation of Energy and Climate Policy

The research focus "Transformation of Energy and Climate Policy" analyses possibilities and processes of change in energy and climate policy ranging from the local to the national to the global level. Our current research focuses on energy transformation in the EU, Germany and other European countries in comparison as well as on the shaping of green transformation processes in the global South. In the coming years, we plan to concentrate our research on the following aspects: (1) Expansion and continuation of research on energy system transformation in Germany; (2) Analysis of issues of sector coupling and integration; (3) Analysis of standardisation processes and the associated politicisation; (4) Expansion of the interface between residential areas/cities and energy/climate policy.

Ongoing Projects

Name Topic Funding Coordinator
Kopernikus Phase III: Ariadne2 Energy Transformation BMBF Prof. Knodt
Clean Circles Energy Transformation HMWK, Clusterproject Prof. Knodt
emergenCITY Governance of catastrophes HMWK (Loewe Program) Prof. Knodt
Graduiertenkolleg Kritische Infrastrukturen (KRITIS) Critical Infrastructure DFG Prof. Knodt
Institutionalizing Low Carbon Development (INLOCADE) Global climate politics DFG Prof. Lederer
BiodiWert II: Biodiversity Cultures in Town and Country Biodiversitätspolitik BMBF Prof. Lederer
Walddiskurse Klima- und Waldpolitik BMBF Prof. Lederer
Klima in Afghanistan Globale Klimapolitik BMBF Prof. Lederer
Standards in Energygovernance Globale Energiepolitik DFG Graduiertenkolleg Prof. Lederer
TraCe Globale Klimapolitik BMBF Prof. Lederer
Name Topic Funding Coordinator
PaEGIE − Partizipative Energietransformation Energy Transformation, Participation BMWK Prof. Knodt
Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence: EU@School Governance of the European Multi-Level System, Energy Transformation EU/Erasmus+ Prof. Knodt
Kopernikus Phase II:Ariadne Energy Transformation BMBF Prof. Knodt
Comparing Municipal Climate Adaptation Diffusion of Policy Innovations Fritz Thyssen Stiftung Prof. Schulze
Soziotechnische Bewertung von Kraft-Wärme-Kälte-Kopplungssystemen für den Gebäudesektor Energy Transformation FiF TU Darmstadt Prof. Knodt
Kopernikus Phase I: Enavi Energy Transformation BMBF Prof. Knodt
Städte im Klimawandel Klima-/Energiepolitik in Städten DFG Prof. Knodt
Städte im Klimawandel Klima-/Energiepolitik in Städten DFG Prof. Benz
Capes Humboldt Stipendium Energiepolitik Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung Prof. Knodt
Carbon Governance Arrangements and the Nation-State DFG Prof. Lederer
External Images of the EU (EXIE) EU Foreign Policy, Perceptions EU/Erasmus+ Prof. Knodt
Governance der Europäischen Energieunion EU Energiepolitik BMBF/acatech/Leopolding/
Prof. Knodt
GreeTS VolkswagenStiftung Prof. Lederer
Challenges of European External Energy Governance EU externe Energiepolitik VolkswagenStiftung/Compagnia di San Paolo/Riksbankens Jubiläumsfonds Prof. Knodt
Energietransformation und Geschlechtergerechtigkeit (ENEG) Energiepolitik HMWK Prof. Knodt
Lokale Formierung handlungsrelevanten Wissens im europäischen Kontext Klima-/Energiepolitik in Städten DFG-Forschergruppe Prof. Knodt